Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Leigh/Lee Boyett

Well, this is the latest image I have of my precious baby. It is unbelievable how much you can love someone that you have not even met. I have this amazing creation of God growing inside of me and all I can do is say, 'Thank You'. I thank Him everyday for giving Chris and I this child of His. I know Chris will be the father my Father expects Him to be. I only pray that I can be the mother He desires me to be. It has always been a dream of mine to be a mom. Thank You, Lord.

I am 31 weeks today, and I had an appointment this afternoon that went great. All is good. My baby's heart rate has been running in the 150's. Today it was 156. (I guess some of yall may be wondering but we chose not to find out what this baby is until he/she blesses us in this world.) I have had a wonderful pregnancy that once again I can only thank my Father for. He has truly watched over me these past 31 weeks. I pray the next 8-9 are just as wonderful. Labor and delivery scare me :) I do not tolerate pain that well, so...Bring on the drugs!