Monday, October 26, 2009

Under Construction

Okay so bare with me. The blog is currently under construction. I started this project but as usual was unable to finish it and the internet decided to freeze up on me, of course. I am currently trying to change the look of the blog and learn some new things. So be patient. Thanks ~ Kelly

Saturday, October 24, 2009

She's growing up too fast...

A few highlights of this week...

* She is rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy! And loves doing it, I think she knows it makes her mommy happy.
* She tries real hard to hold her own bottle. The little ones she can just about hold it the whole feeding.
* She has found her feet and LOVES them. When she gets a hold of them she just giggles.
* She's trying to sit up. Anytime I put her in her bouncer, carseat or laying against me, she trys to 'sit up'.
* She loves to watch people.
* She was sick with something called stridor, her vocal box was swollen so she was hoarse. She's all better now.
* She weighed 14 lbs and 11 ounces Thursday at the doctor. Although she had just finished her bottle in the waiting room. For those of you that read the last blog, Yes thats a gain of 11 ounces in a week.

Heres a video of rolling over back to tummy, a little sidenote that I thought was hilarious...she tooted as she was trying to get that final push over.

Audree and Nana came over Saturday night for supper and let me just say Audree loved her some chicken alfredo. And that her Aunt Kelly let her be a big girl and sit at the table with us in her own chair and use her own fork to feed herself. FYI Don't take the fork from her.

Addison and her two Papa's

I thought this one was two cute not to share,

Nana got a better one she's gonna share later. (they were kissing)

Audree giving Addison 'sugars'

Hey! Where'd she go?

Another sidenote, Audree likes Addisons toys.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Did It!!!

Saturday morning Addison and I were playing on a pallet in the living room. I was giving her some good ol' tummy time when she decided she needed a toy that was not in her reach. She could only see it, so she went for it. And rolled right over to her back. I got so excited for her but she looked at me like I was crazy and then just smiled. So I got the camera out to see if she would perform again and she did. Addison is rolling over, both ways!!!

Here's a little video of her achievement...

She rolls to the left and then ......................
she rolls to the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures I finally took off my camera...

This outfit was too cute not to share...

She looked adorable in it.

I pick on her about her mowhawk she growing :)

And just look at those cheeks!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My 'BIG' Girl

I took Addison to the doctor today because she has a 'snotty' nose and a small cough. I noticed the stuffy nose Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning she was having trouble breathing so it was waking her up. So we went to see Dr. Perkins this morning. The RSV test came back negative which I was thankful for, so we think its just a cold. So, I continue to use the saline drops and a decongestant drop.

So, now to the good stuff. At the doctors office they put her on her belly to check her lungs and my baby girl ALMOST rolled over. I got so excited because she was so close. I came home and told Chris what happened and he said well yeah I have been showing her how this week. He has been home this week so she has been staying with him all day.

Also, my little 15 week old(3 1/2 month) weighs 14lbs and measures at 24 inches. When Dr. Perkins asked the student nurse if Addison was on track, she said 'yes on a fast track'. Dr. P looked at me and said usually babies double their weight about 5-6 months and well Addison has already at 3 1/2. We always laugh at her short chunky legs and count the rolls when we change her diaper (there is 3 on each leg by the way).