Sunday, September 6, 2009

A few pics...

Well, my baby girl is 2 months old! Oh, my the times go by so fast. She's already had her first set of shots, weighing in at 11 lbs 12 oz. and 23 inches. She's a butterball with a full set of cheeks.

She loves this bouncer! Thanks Aunt Danni and Uncle Jeff

Just a few updates and things I'd like to share...

*She is such a happy baby! And her smile will have you smiling all day long! It's beautiful! At least her momma thinks so.

*She sleeps ALL night! This I am so HAPPY about. We have our last feeding at 8 and down for bed at 9. I wake her up at 6 so I can nurse her before getting myself ready for work. She eats then goes back to sleep until her next feeding at 9:30. This I am thankful for, I know I am blessed!

*She loves the sound of running water. If she is ever upset just take her to the bathroom and turn on the water. She immediately gets quiet.

*She loves to take a bath! So much that she cries when you take her out.

*She likes to go outside, this also calms her down. But she sweats so easy.

*She is so alert and aware of everything going on around her.

*She is her fathers daughter! They both will not like this but she can clear a room with her poots. They are loud, forceful and stinky!

*She LOVES her momma! She is just now allowing others to hold her, this has been a challenge for both of us.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks....

Bath Time

She loves looking at herself in the mirror.

Pops and his two girls the night before he left for Minneapolis. We miss you already!

We LOVE You, Pops!

My first week back to work!

Well this past week was tough… Let’s just start with Monday. I was supposed to start back at Briarfield after taking two weeks off to stay home with Addison. Instead I was at the court house serving on the Grand Jury. Yes, it’s my luck my name was drawn from the box. Luckily we did what we had to do and were out of there by 1 and we do not have to go back for a few months. I had Addison’s 2 month appointment scheduled for her shots. My idea was to do them while I was still at home and Chris too (so he could be the ‘bad’ guy). Well, we get there, she’s already had her Tylenol in preparation and as Angie is doing the paperwork, Shenita realizes Addison is not 2 months old until the next day so no shots on Monday.

Tuesday…my first official day back at work and the Lord blessed me in that Chris did not have to work so I was able to leave the house knowing not only that my baby is in good hands but she is with someone she knows and knows her routine. That was comforting. I did fine throughout the morning but about one o’clock oh my, I was ready to go home. The eyes were beginning to water. But I survived, Thank you Father. When I got home Addison and Chris were waiting at the door for me (and to go back to the doctor). We were off to get her shots and somehow I ended up being the one to hold her down during this traumatic experience (for me!) I thought that was why I wanted Chris there, but I just could not walk away. She looked me straight in my eyes as I was holding her down and the nurse gave her 3 shots!!! It hurt me and her both. She screamed a scream I had never heard before!! But then after getting her calmed down she was fine except that when we got her home she would not let me put her down so she napped in my arms. That was okay with me. :)

Wednesday…Well I had been praying all week for this day and the good Lord answered my prayers. I woke up with such peace it was amazing. We got ready and out the door we went, to Mrs. Vicki’s. I just have to say that God answered my prayers in that He has placed Vicki in our life. She is a wonderful, trustworthy, Christian lady. Addison welcomed her in such a way I was just at peace. I left her feeling very comfortable in my spirit and mind realizing that she was probably going to be more spoiled by Vicki than myself. I checked in on her once that morning and things were going great. Until I got a call at school that Kaylyn, Vicki’s oldest daughter was on her way home with strep throat. Great! I thought! So I called Stephanie, and she was more than willing to help out. So, Stephanie kept Addison that afternoon and Thursday.

Friday…This was a tough one. We got home late from Tyler’s ballgame, which got us off our bedtime schedule. Needless to say we did not go to sleep until 11:45 instead of 9:00. Momma was tired! Addison was going to Nana’s today. This is something I am excited about. My mom does not work on Fridays and she already has Audree (Addison’s 1yr. old cousin) on Friday. So she will be keeping them both and yes I was very nervous. I kept telling mom a 1 yr old and a 2 month old was a lot of work but she insisted. You see Audree LOVES her Nana and was not too excited when her Nana would hold Addison. But she’s come around. I called mom throughout the day checking in and things went great. They had very few meltdowns.

So I guess I could say that the week was not to bad, just long. I was definitely ready for the weekend, which was a 3 day weekend. YEAH! And everyone tells me it gets better and easier. I hope so, I sure hate leaving my baby. 7 hours is a long time, even if she gonna be sleeping most of the time.

I do want to say THANK YOU to those of you that prayed for me last week. Your prayers got me through the week. Thanks!!!