Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Updates

This blog will be very random to update the past month...

This was not the best picture but the only one of the day

By the way we discovered our first tooth today!!! YEAH! It's on the bottom and has broken through already.


This was our neighbors snowman, I loved this picture because you could see the snow falling against the fence.


The Tuesday before Sammy and Tiera left, they invited us and the Tomlinsons over for supper. It was a sad but enjoyable evening. We have developed a close relationship with this couple and I was sad to see them go. We miss yall!


She loves playing in her bed! And that is where she learned to pull-up!!!


She loves playing or I should say digging in her bags. She unloads them if they are in her reach. Which everything is in her reach these days because she is now SCOOTING! Yep, she gets on all 4's and rocks. She is now actually moving forward. Just a few minutes ago I had to put the computer down and grab her and Chris said 'Oh no this house is not even child proofed'. Well looks like I am going to be doing some 'childproofing' on my days off.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

Just like every other year, my family gathers at my mom's house for our annual Super Bowl Party. We have a great time eating, visiting, and oh yeah watching the game and commercials of course. Well this year was beyond special...Our Saints were in the Super Bowl. It still seems so surreal to be saying that. I mean this team that we have supported throughout the years in losses and very few wins have made it. They actually made it to the end. And WON!!!!! They had an incredible season and finished it off with a bang. Poor Colts! But HOORAY for the SAINTS!!!!! Anyway here are a few shots of my family enjoying the game and each other....


My Baby Girl in the only game gear I could find her size.

The Sheppard/King Family

Sandi and Addison

Addison and Nana

Addison and Audree

Me and My Baby Girl

Shelly and Arabella

Half of the Family

Granny and Grandpa

The Jersey Girls ~ Kathy, Mom & Krissy

Ally, Trace & Spencer ~ we set them up in the back!

Almost Victory Time...

Anyway, Thanks Mom for another successful party with way too much food and good family fun.