Thursday, October 15, 2009

My 'BIG' Girl

I took Addison to the doctor today because she has a 'snotty' nose and a small cough. I noticed the stuffy nose Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning she was having trouble breathing so it was waking her up. So we went to see Dr. Perkins this morning. The RSV test came back negative which I was thankful for, so we think its just a cold. So, I continue to use the saline drops and a decongestant drop.

So, now to the good stuff. At the doctors office they put her on her belly to check her lungs and my baby girl ALMOST rolled over. I got so excited because she was so close. I came home and told Chris what happened and he said well yeah I have been showing her how this week. He has been home this week so she has been staying with him all day.

Also, my little 15 week old(3 1/2 month) weighs 14lbs and measures at 24 inches. When Dr. Perkins asked the student nurse if Addison was on track, she said 'yes on a fast track'. Dr. P looked at me and said usually babies double their weight about 5-6 months and well Addison has already at 3 1/2. We always laugh at her short chunky legs and count the rolls when we change her diaper (there is 3 on each leg by the way).

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