Monday, January 11, 2010

Wishes do come true...

Well sort of. Addi and I went to Arkansas with MeMe this weekend to visit MawMaw (Mrs. Linda's mom). MawMaw lives in a nursing home/ assited living home called Homestyle. She fell Thursday evening and broke her hip so she had to have surgery. Mrs. Linda asked Addison and I to go with her and after much thought we decided to venture off. This was Addisons first trip and first time to stay away from home. The drive itself is 6 1/2 hours, but with a baby an two woman who have to make frequent bathroom breaks, it takes a little longer. We left Lake Providence Friday @ 3 and arrived @ The Hampton Inn @ 11:30. Addison did GREAT! MawMaw had surgery Saturday morning and it went great. We got to see all of MeMe's family, which was wonderful and way past due. We got up Sunday morning to visit MawMaw again and took off about 1:15 and got home about 9:30. Yeah, needless to say I AM EXHAUSTED!!!

Anyway back to the snow wishes...When we got to Springdale there was snow on the ground. YEAH! And Saturday it snowed almost all day. So I bundled up my baby and ploped her down in the middle of a pile of snow and snapped a few shots of her first snow.


Patrick, Kelli & Mason West said...

She looks so happy sitting in the snow. Absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, how are you? I'm so glad I found your mom on facebook. She told me about your blog. Oh my goodness, Addison is just beautiful!! I would love to keep in touch now that I found you on here. We have so much more in common than I ever realized! :-) You should find me on facebook or email me. It's or Brittney Hendrix Evans on facebook.

Hope to hear from you soon!