Friday, July 16, 2010

Destin, FL

So, I guess I sort of left yall hanging with my last post. I had full intentions of posting a few pictures throughout the trip, but....YES, I DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE GULF WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF PUTTING MY FEET IN THE WATER! But it works now! YAY!

Mom and Krissy on the way to Destin. You know you are always happier on the way to your destination than you are coming home.
On our way to the pool!

I'm Ready Mama!

Yay for me!

I love the pool!
We fed the ducks everyday.

Not too sure about this...
She is studying the water pretty hard.

The waves were huge the first day we were there.

A mama duck and her babies...too precious.

So, we tried the sand again, and she still did not like it.

But LOVED this water fountain area at the local outlet mall.

Where'd the water go?

Their first train ride. Addison loves trains!

So we tried yet again and this was her 'fake' cry, she still did not like the sand on her feet.
Oh, well!
Thanks Nana and Pops for a great vacation!!!

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