Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, the decision was made. I called Mrs. Shelly last Wednesday, had a great, comforting conversation then stopped by for a visit. Addison played with the other children, of course still keeping her eye on mommy. When it was time to go, Addison was not ready at all. I left her house last Wednesday knowing that this was a good decision. The best one I could make with our circumstances. Yes, I still would love to have that personal 'nanny'/ housekeeper, but this is reality and the job doesn't supply that kind of money... ha ha.
Anyway, today was her first day. I woke up early enough to stay with her for a little while to help with the transition. She cried for about ten minutes after I left, then was good to go. Mrs. Shelly said that she did much better than we both had expected. She played, napped, ate good for Mrs. Shelly and played some more.
Our first day was great!
Sorry, no great first day picture! Didn't think that through this morning.
Thank you Father for the comfort of today and the guidance and peace in the decision.

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