Monday, December 21, 2009


A very good friend of our family just dropped off Christmas presents for our family. Well I just had to dig in, let's just say I am ready for Christmas. This was Addisons first present to 'open'. I really did not think she would enjoy or get into it this year, I just thought she was too young. But was I wrong. I put the gift in front of her and she tried her hardest to tear into it. Thirty minutes later she is still eating the paper.

Thank You Carey! I can't wait to read this Storybook to her.


Last night I put her by Nana's tree and all the gifts and oh my she just could not get her hands off all the gifts. Audree was getting upset with Addison because she was trying to 'open' what Audree thought was her present. (It really was Addisons)

It did not matter where I moved this present, she was determined to sit/jump on it. We had to retape it before returning it under the tree.

I am ready to our FIRST CHRISTMAS!!!!


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