Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Background Frustration?

Can someone explain to me the Blogger background process? The background never looks the same on my page as it did when I picked it out. It is always larger on my page, therefor you are not getting the whole picture. So, explain to me what I am doing wrong. Please!


Carey said...

Ok I'll try to explain :) the background u see depends on the size of your screen. Larger screens see the entire background. It took me a trip to ms shellies with her huge screen for me to realize this. It is somewhat frustrating though!
So the sample you look at is installed but if u have a smaller screen (like me) then you can't see the outer part of the design. Hope that made sense :)

Kelly and Chris Boyett said...

It does! But still frustrating! So why can't they make backgrounds for average screens? Or do they and I am just not choosing at the right ones.