Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My poor baby. Addison ran fever again last night, so we went back to the doctor today. Mrs. Brenda wanted a urine culture for further testing. Well let me just tell you from experience, I was not looking forward to that. Those little 'tt' bags they put on her DO NOT WORK! On girls at least. Anyway, here it is 7 hrs later, three bags later and still no sample. We did however get chest x-rays and blood work. And Oh My Gosh, My poor baby! I will just say that she had her first sucker today. And it helped. Then we went back to the doctors office and after looking at her lab work and x-ray they decided to give her a SHOT, a Rocephin shot at that, without the lidocaine. She SCREAMED for 40 minutes! The sucker would not work for this experience. I felt helpless. She could not crawl anymore up in my arms. It was awful. She napped for 2 hrs and seems to be fine now. She has already removed her band aid.
Side note...An hour before her apt she had about 100.5 fever and Chris suggested not giving her anything so that when she gets to the Dr she would have fever. Well this theory did not work. Her fever dropped down to 98 without drugs!

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