Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

I just want to say that I could definitely be a STAY AT HOME MOM! I have done nothing but be LAZY and ENJOY this time at home with Addison. (Yes, as I sit here typing, I am also looking at my living room, thinking 'dang I need to do some spring cleaning'. But Chris says don't worry with and enjoy the days off. I love my husband.) And I am loving every minute spent with my baby. Even the fussy moments with those top two teeth that are trying to come in. That's why we have Tylenol and Teething Tablets. Work like a charm.

By the way, Addison will be 9 months old tomorrow. Yep, you read it right,
9 months old! I am in shock. My child will be 1! in 3 months. Oh my gosh, I better start planning that FIRST Birthday.

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