Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing up...

I am not even sure how to begin this blog. My baby girl is ELEVEN months old!!! Oh my gosh, 11 months old. That means she is 30 days away from being ONE! 1 year old! YIKES!!! This scares me. Time has gone by so fast. And she is growing so fast. And its the little moments that I think, Wow, I can't believe this. I try to soak in every minute of the day. She has learned so much and amazing me each and every day.
I have tried for some time now to get her to say mama, but really have been pushing it the past few weeks. And now, that's all she says. She is learning new words everyday. She says mama, dada, nana, kitty, 'ba' (wilbur), 'mon (come 'on, she tells this to Wilbur as she pats her leg or stomach to get his attention), see and points to things, uh-oh and bye (and of course when we say 'bye' she offers everyone a kiss, an open mouth kiss).

A few highlights...

She loves to give kisses. And just like stated before they are open mouth kisses, she is now starting to give a little tongue. UGH! I am very selective on who she shares her kisses with.

She is getting more and more confident in herself each day. A few days ago she finally stood by herself for a few seconds. And every time after that it gets longer and longer. She gets excited then slowly lowers herself to the ground. She now only needs one of my hands to walk (run) around the room.

This I hate to say but she knows how to throw a fit. She will throw her hands and body or head down on the ground and cry. Oh my, help me with this one. At the current moment we just ignore it. I hope she will grow out of it. But I know...

She loves being outside! It doesn't matter what she's doing as long as its outside. She loves to ride the lawnmower with her daddy.

She loves to clap her hands and it amazing how she does it at appropriate times.

She praises the Lord on Sunday morning during our praise and worship time. Okay well to be completely honest anytime she hears music her hands go up, but its a start. And she loves to dance!

She loves peek-a-boo! She will hide her face until I say 'Where's Adi' then she'll pull the blanket off her head and just giggle. By the way I LOVE HER LAUGH!!! It is truly contagious.

She has her daddy's blue eyes! And one beautiful smile!

She currently has two teeth on the top and two on the bottom, but we are working real hard on some new ones. She's drooling and chewing on everything.

She is not crazy about real food, to the point of throwing up. She will either gag it up or try to take it out of her mouth depending on the texture. Even the thicker and chunkier baby food doesn't go well with her. I have seen a little improvement but not much. I am interested to see what she will do on her birthday, because so far she is not interested in cake.

She is trying to repeat words, so I am waiting on some new ones.

She is a true mama's girl! I love when she squeezes me tight, rest her head on my shoulder and pats my back. I just melt...

She is my everything! I love her with all my heart and can't imagine my life without her. I thank my God every morning and every evening for allowing me to be her mommy and giving us another day with her. I ask Him for guidance in raising His child to become the person He designed her to be. I am filled with joy and fear with the opportunity He has given me. But I know that He is with me every step of the way and I am blessed. Thank You Lord for everything! Oh how I love You and I stand in awe of your awesomeness! And I seek to know You more and more each day, to find you, to feel you, to hear your voice, to love you more!!!

Happy eleven months baby girl!!! I love you!!!

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