Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Cohen

I was reading a friends blog when I came across this family in need of prayer. So I checked out their blog and just became so broken hearted and helpless. I don't know this family but my heart hurt for them. Then I realized I am not helpless, I serve a Great Big GOD that not only hears my prayers but answers them. And yes it may not be the way 'I' feel like they should be answered but He does answer them. So, no I am not helpless, what I can do here is pray for God's will to be done in Baby Cohen's life and help spread the word of his condition and prayer needs. Please check out their site and see where God leads you.

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Beth Anne Walters said...

When I went to your blog a minute ago I saw Cohen's button on your page then this post! Thank you so much Kelly for keeping them in your prayers. Your family is adorable! I'll have to come see you the next time I make it home.