Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Addison!

Well, not just yet! But in honor of my little girl's birthday week, I am going to try to post something everyday for her. TRY is the key word, so don't beat me up if it doesn't happen.

She loves her daddy!
Check out this smile and those teeth!

Around here, we think birthdays are pretty special! And we plan on celebrating family style! I am very excited and overwhelmed! I mean this is my child's first birthday! It's hard to believe its been a year.

I did want to share her invitation with yall, since it turned out so darn cute!

She's blowing you a kiss good-bye!

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Ashley Bray said...

Love them!! I always thought she looked so much like Chris but in these pics I see more of your mom. Happy Birthday (early), Little Princess.